BAOYI®  wiper blades with 4 different types

BAOYI® wipers have a wide selection of wiper blades, universal wiper blades, multifunctional windshield wipers, exact fit wiper blades and rear wiper blades. These wiper blades fit for 99.9% vehicles. You'll find your wipers.

1. Multifit windshield wipers, fits for 99.9% car models.

A. 12 adapters / clips multifit wiper blade;

  BY610, BY611, BY630 & BY660;

B. 10 adapters / clips multifit wiper blade;

 HSD370, HSD360, T4, T6,  BY618 & BY669

2. Universal Wiper Blades, fits for 90% car models.

   BY735 & BY745

 This type of wiper blades are fit for U hook wiper arms or J hook wiper arms, e.g. honda, toyota, hyundai, subaru, Nissan and so on.

3. Exact fit Wiper Blades

   BY714, BY715, BY718, BY23, BY724, BY725, BY726, BY727, BY728 & BY729

 This type of wiper blades are fit for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford, Peugeot, Renult, Jaguar, Porsche and so on.

4. Back / Rear Wiper Blade

  Hundreds of rear wiper blades. Rear windshield wipers are a key component to your driving safety, too. If you need rear windshield wipers, please email to us, then we will send the full complete rear windshield wipers to you soon. Our email is 


Wiper blades E-catalog, please click & download PDF file as follow, thank you.

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