How to change windshield wiper blades, how to install wiper blade? 

Here is wiper blade install video, using these easy step by step instructions.

You can replace windshield wipers by yourself in 10 minutes.

Wiper blade manufacturer - BAOYI windshields wipers company

Windshield wipers installation video for all kinds of wiper arms,

U hook wiper arm, 8.7*7 mm, 9*11mm, 12*11 mm, P & H side pin wiper arms, 

PTB wiper arm 16mm, New PTB wiper arm 19mm, Insert wiper arms, Lock wiper arm,

Renault wiper arms, Mercedes Benz wiper arms

Here is our 12 clips windshield wipers BY610, BY611, BY630, BY660 installtion videos.

Here is our 7 clips windshield wipers BY618 and BY669 installtion videos.

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