In the past few days (22th , August- 25th,August ),  MIMS AUTOMECHANIKA MOSCOW 2016 was successfully rounded off! !! 

Our BAOYI wiper blade also has a perfect feedback! Thank you for your coming,my dear friends.

Customers who did not come to show, take your time; Now let us back to the show!


Firstly, it is the booth, the staff was very careful, and they furnished the booth very nice and professional;


Then, in the first day, before leaving for Moscow, we worried that there were be fewer customers than last years as the slow economic; However, the truth is we are wrong, there are many customers coming to take part in the show; Pls see the photos! Thump, thump, thump!

first day-Russia.jpg

In the following second and third day, the booth was crowned, and as the limited space, some customers need to stand at booth to talk with us; We are very sorry for that;

second & third day-Russia.jpg

The BAOYI wiper blade were very popular among the people, and many customers took the samples back directly; Meanwhile,our “tea” gift was also very popular; But how a pity, there are many customers want to take samples, but we did not have many stocks, even we have not enough samples in the fourth day; We did never happen to it before, it is unbelievable;

fourth day-Russia.jpg

There are many old customers came to visit us this time; They were so nice, and we had a great time, all of us believed that we will have a better relationship;

old customer-Russia.jpg

Though there is only 4 days for the show,during this limited time, we were very happy that customers gave us great appreciations, and our staff who took part in this show and the translator did a great job, thank you so much for your hard work;


It was a little pity that some customers has no chance came to visit our show, but we will attend the coming AUTOMECHANIKA SHANGHAI 2016; Pls wait for our informs, hope see you soon.

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