Customer Reviews

Windshield wipers reviews from customers, so this is a good guide for you to choose good wiper blades.

Now, let's share our wiper blades reviews with you!

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1. Russian customer windshield wipers reviews (Skype)

 "I must say, cleaning performance of your samples is one of the best we ever tested from China"


2. Wiper blades reviews " The quality is no match with BAOYI."

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3. "The wipers are going great and we will be doing a top up order shortly" (Email)


4. Windshield wiper reviews "All Nicely and well packed and good quality wipers."


5. "But your product is so good than others samples from other companies"--- Wiper blade reviews

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6. "Thank you so much for the wipers they are awesome. I look forward to many more order being sent to you"

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7. Swiss customer (Email) "I want to order more wipers from your company"

8. Israel customer (Email)


"After 7 months I can say that we are very satisfied from your products."



9. Polish customer (Email)


"All is great."


 10. Ghanaian customer (Skype)


 11. Canadian customer (Email)

 "It is quite good."


 12. Australian customer (Email)

"I am very happy with them"



13. Spanish customer (Email)


"We tested and it works great"


14. Italy customer (Email)


"I do like the quality of the items"



15. Swedish customer (Email)


"We are happy with this"



16. British customer for good service (Email)



17. Customer for good quality & package (Email)


18."The wiper blade works great, very quiet."

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19."The best wipers I've ever had! Great work guys!"

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20."Double from last month, so it caught me by surprise, should be 4x last year!"

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Waiting for your windshield wipers reviews!


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