Multifit wiper blade is our advantages. BAOYI ® wiper blade have a wide range of multi-clips wiper blades, 12 clips wiper blades, 10 adapters windshield wipers, which covers 99% vehicles. So you can sell wiper blade out in short time.
  • Wiper-blade-wholesale

    Wiper blade wholesale T 6

    Wiper blade wholesale over 15 years. Buy windshield wiper blades wholesale, then you will get nice price...

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  • Car-windshield-wipers

    Car windshield wipers HSD370

    Car windshield wipers with 10 clips, which cover 99% vehicles. So you can choose windshield wipers online or aftermarket windshield wipers....

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  • Car-window-wiper

    Car window wiper BY611

    Car wiper with 12 adaptors, which covers almost vehicles. Then it is easy for sale....

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