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01 Factory

Wiper blade manufacturer - Yujin Xiamen Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Wiper blade manufacturer. Professional windshield wiper manufacturer focusing on manufacturing all kinds of wiper blades. Enjoy clear vision and a quieter drive.Professional car windshield wipers manufacturer over 15 years. TOP wiper blade manufacuturer in China. BAOYI ® offers a full line of windshield wiper blades, universal wiper blades, multifit windshield wipers, exact fit wiper blades and rear wiper blades. Fit as much as different wiper arms. 102 staff, 60,000 pcs/dayAbove 7000 square metersMore than 6...

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02 Our team

1. The photo of our wiper blade factory building     2. Presentation of your companyYujin Xiamen Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is established in the "International Garden City" Xiamen. With over 10 years of professional experience in windshield wipers, we are the global supplier of quality windshield wiper blades.  Following the core values of "Security, Environmental Responsibility", we registered our own brand of "BAOYI". With the advanced equipment and new technology, we focus on manufacturing flat windshield wipers, which fit f...

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03 Certificate

IATF16949 / TS16949 CERTIFICATEQuality wiper blades factoryISO 9001: 2008 & Many PatentsWiper Blade Appearance Patent, Wiper Blade Automatic Patent, Wiper Blade Improved Patent. etc.Patent numbers as follows,ZL 2009 3 0244533.4ZL 2010 2 0593562.9ZL 2011 2 0504547.7ZL 2014 2 0764264.xZL 2014 2 0764905.1ZL 2015 2 0990999.9ZL 2015 2 0991205.0ZL 2015 2 0991027.1ZL 2015 2 0991192.7ZL 2015 2 0990950.3ZL 2015 2 0991150.3...

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04 Market

We supply you popular wiper blade, which sells very well at European, American. European & American are our main market, 85%.Our BAOYI ® wiper blade sells very well at America, Canada, Australia, Italy, Poland, Greece, Unite Kingdom, France, Sweden and so on.Japan AUTOBACS choose BAOYI ® wiper blades, Australia Top 1 choose BAOYI ® wipers, Italy No.1 choose BAOYI ® wipers, Greece Top 1 choose BAOYI ® wipers......

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05 Catalog

BAOYI®  wiper blades with 4 different typesBAOYI® wipers have a wide selection of wiper blades, universal wiper blades, multifunctional windshield wipers, exact fit wiper blades and rear wiper blades. These wiper blades fit for 99.9% vehicles. You'll find your wipers.1. Multifit windshield wipers, fits for 99.9% car models.A. 12 adapters / clips multifit wiper blade;  BY610, BY611, BY630 & BY660;B. 10 adapters / clips multifit wiper blade; HSD370, HSD360, T4, T6,  BY618 & BY6692. Universal Wiper Blades, fits for 90% car models.   BY735 & BY745...

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06 Video

How to change windshield wiper blades, how to install wiper blade? Here is wiper blade install video, using these easy step by step instructions.You can replace windshield wipers by yourself in 10 minutes.Wiper blade manufacturer - BAOYI windshields wipers companyWindshield wipers installation video for all kinds of wiper arms,U hook wiper arm, 8.7*7 mm, 9*11mm, 12*11 mm, P & H side pin wiper arms, PTB wiper arm 16mm, New PTB wiper arm 19mm, Insert wiper arms, Lock wiper arm,Renault wiper arms, Mercedes Benz wiper armsHere is our 12 clips windshield wipers BY610, BY611, BY630, BY...

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